Can't Remote Desktop XP from Windows 8

Target machine is XP home, and I am trying to access it from a Windows 8 machine. Both are wireless, and are in the same workgroup.

I get the "Remote Desktop can't connect" message using either the computer name or the current IP address

I can ping the address

RDC is enabled on target

I can set up a Remote Assistance connection with no problem

Windows firewall has RDC allowed. If I try to add port 3389, firewall says it is already allowed. Turning firewall off does not help.

In the registry RDC is assigned to port 3389

When I netstat, there is no TCP LISTENING result, although other ports are listening

I would be very grateful for any advice you can give me.



Senior Member
XP Home doesn't include Remote Desktop server, only client. You need XP Pro for that. You need to be running RDS to be able to connect using RDC from another computer.

Try TeamViewer, it's free and works great.

Thanks - TeamViewer works a treat!


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