Can't scroll any pages with the touchpad on laptop.

Hi, I installed Windows 7 on my TOSHIBA Satellite Laptop and after installation, I lost the function of scrolling webpages with the side of the touchpad. When I had Vista installed, I could slide my finger down the edge of the touchpad and it would scroll up or down. Is there any way to fix this problem? I have Synaptics Pointing Device Driver installed. Thanks in advance.

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do you have the latest 7 compatible touchpad driver? You may need to adjust its settings in the Control Panel. There may also be a functionality application that needs to be loaded for the touchpad to work properly.

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I installed the latest driver just now but still no-go with the scrolling problem. What sort of functionality application do I need?

I found the solution to the problem! The problem was the Synaptics Driver. It wasn't working well, so I tried using a different one, and the ALPS Driver works perfectly! But another question... how do I change the scrolling speed? When I drag my finger down the side just a little, it scrolls down half the page and I can't see a lot of it. Is there a way to make it scroll more slowly?

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