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Discussion in 'Windows Security' started by kemical, Aug 3, 2016.

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    It has been reported that classic shell or associated files can or could be infected:


    For an uninfected copy, download the utility directly from the author's website here.
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    this thread initiated by kemical really is to serve as a stark reminder … always be diligent in your online commerce … even websites you trust. owning a computer is a responsibility (not a privilege).
    1. keep your os up to date with security fixes.
    2. maintain the most recent data-reference files for your av-arsenal.
    3. as member neemobeer suggested … might be beneficial to disable/uninstall java 'n flash.
    4. check the file with online service before downloading (
    5. understand, going forward, even trusted sites can be hacked.
    6. when downloading, verify file-name/size reflects what is posted on the website.
    7. and, of course, scan file once it's downloaded (before installation).
    8. prior to installation, create windows "restore-point".
    9. when installing … careful you do not install other choices in the installation window. ***
    *** as incredulous as this may sound … early this year, one program i was installing offered the generic install-window which included the typical "next/back" buttons (bottom of window). at one point, i chose the "back" button … and, only then, the install-other-software choices (enabled by default) appeared within that window.

    very sneaky/duplicitous! had i not clicked the "back" button … i would have inadvertently unleashed something sinister! malware installs can also be hidden in the advanced/custom-install venue.

    as always, thanks to kemical for the late-breaking news. just this past sunday (07-31) i had upgraded my classic-shell via it's homepage … direct from fosshub. since the incident, it appears revised the link to point toward mediafire for download.

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