Windows 7 CD/DVD drive


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Feb 7, 2009
I'm using a Vaio laptop, vgn-fw170j, i had windows vista premium before.
My computer isn't detecting any drive other than disk C:
I've tried going to the sony esupport website to find a driver for this, but I didn't see anything that would fit:(
Any suggestions?
try downloading the Vista driver set from the Vaio website and then installing it through device manager-->update driver. then point it to the file you d/loaded and extracted :)
could someone link me to the page? the only drivers i've found don't affect the CD/DVD drive, or maybe I'm just ignorant and it's right in front of my eyes, but all I see is drivers for the motherboard, blu-ray, wireless, etc.
Someone should sticky one of those thread explaining "where has my DVDRom gone" and probably also Where has my HDD gone

*EDIT* I made one to sticky
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