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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by Jack Breuer, Nov 2, 2014.

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    So I've just hooked up a 2nd monitor to my laptop, and am having issues with it - my 2nd monitor is to the left of my first, but my computer thinks it's to the right (so I have to swipe the mouse the wrong way to change screens, which is counter-intuitive). So, I'd like to be able to tell the computer to swap where it thinks the monitors are around. For reasons of hardware, I can't just swap the wires around, and monitors need to be set up the way they are.

    Also as an optimistic aside - is there any way to tell the computer that my laptop screen is below the 2 monitor screens (so I can swipe up to get to the monitors, rather than across). And even better if up left goes to one monitor, up right to the other.

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    You lost me @ the bakery.

    Seriously, I haven't messed w/ 2 monitors for a long time but, I seem to recall in their control panel / window there is the ability to flip them, so to speak. Either take another look for such a setting or someone w/ 2 monitors will have the answer for you, soon.

    Memory tells me there's 'pictures' of your 2 monitors & you designate one or the other or either one #1, #2 or vise versa.

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    Some laptops just don't support dual monitors because of the low end or generic onboard GPU that's installed. They just doesn't have the software capability to set it up 2 monitors on a conventional desktop with a proper installed GPU.

    Have you tried the "windows key + P". This will show you your options (4) for the 2nd monitor.

    What's the make/model of your laptop?

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