Windows 7 Classic Start Menu


I like the Classic Start menu as well........

but where did you get that information from?

A well respected Windows 7 Forum member attended PDC '08 and Microsoft said there is no chance they are bringing back the Classic menu.

Simple as that.
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i dont mind the newer start menu, its the classic view in the control panel and such that ive always been a fan of.
I think my Start Menu looks attractive, and has lots of easy to read options on it.
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I like the start menu! Type the first few letters of the prog you want and there it is, ready for you to click on! The new taskbar is a vast improvement too!
Those are two completely different resolutions. Anything looks big at the low res of that vista pic. On a decent res it doesn't take up much space at all.

I am not talking about the desktop space, the actually start menu. Good old classic is nice and neat, and doesn't change every time I use a program. Its all out what I want from start menu and will stay on xp until a 3rd party mod comes out for it.
Very disappointed about the loss of the classic start menu as well. I hevr never liked the new style since it was introduced in WinXP nor have almost half of my users. We are frequently asked to put the start menu back to the classic version by over 40% of the users in our organization so not having this option will be a solid tick against Win7 adoption for the moment. It may seem a small thing but when you're accounting for tech support time and user efficiency it becomes a larger issue. This was a mistake on Microsoft's part IMO. (especially since they still included the old Win98/2K classic theme... it makes no sense)
my only concern is the new menu where it adds apps recently used, i dont like having that stuff there so i disabled it, but i hate that big white bar with nothing in it i want it gone any ideas?
i dont want any items there i almost never use the start menu but when i do that white block makes my eyes twitch and my ocd goes nuts lol
If they are going to take the choice away fro its users at least put a button in there some where that "minimise all" for the "all programs" so when you have a couple of folders expanded you can actually find your way through the mess and minimise the folders you are not using. IMO the thing can get so cluttered that its easier to close the damn thing and open a new one just to find the program your after.

Really what is the big deal, how much code can be involved in making a task bar expand. Why would they expect everyone to move on because in their opinion its better? Better for who, them because its easier? Or better for the people who had the old style susd to how they want it? Dont tell me which start bar is better for me thank you Microsoft I like the old one. Fair enough most people do like the new one and thats great but how big a deal is really it to leave the option there to keep the rest of us happy?
As far as I know, there are only 2 things to perform to get back the Classic Start Menu in Windows 7.

I've used a resource editor to take a look at the shell32.dll from both Vista and Windows 7. The files are almost identical, but they have stripped out the references to the Classic Start menu in Windows 7 These are something called duixml files, which appear to be xml files with statements. I have a "merging " program, but that would not place the files in the proper sequence, and therefore Windows 7 would probably fail to boot.

I'm going over each and ever line in a dual-paned text editor to see if I can figure it out.

In addition, there is only one registry entry that need to be modified to make it work.

In the following screen shot (which I hope appears correctly), I have modified the interface using a program called Powerdesk Pro 5. This was released before the year 2000. It features a digital or analog clock with or without seconds being display. One click access to all my Start menu entries.. One click access to my most frequently used programs and on the very right a multiple desktop feature.

You can download a free older version 4.0, but it does not have the Inso file viewers and has an annoying nag screen:

Or you can download version 6 trial version here:

Anyway, here's the image

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I can't stand the new vista menu, i think microsoft should let the user descide how their computer looks. the new menu is just rubbish.
"A well respected Windows 7 Forum member attended PDC '08 and Microsoft said there is no chance they are bringing back the Classic menu."

But if ENOUGH potential buyers sceam loud enough, this decision can be considered tentative at this point. This is one of the purposes of a beta version. Everybody scream LOUDLY. Both "sides" of this issue can be satisfied quite easily here. Those of us who prefer the "legacy look" could have that while the "Youngsters" can have their "flash and glory".
If you want to yell, then take the poll:

Classic vs. New Start Menu

I'm sure Microsoft has people assigned to each and every Windows 7 forums throughout the world, and it looks like we're losing the battle.

You can either hack the shell32.dll, or wait about a month and someone will have created a program that brings back the Classic Menu. I'm sure some programmers are working on it already.

Don't worry, in time the Classic Menu will be back.
I expressed my preferences on the poll here the minute I discovered it. Would anything be gained if I bought a few votes and stuffed the ballot box?

Even though some supervisor who isn't very sensitive to how badly microsoft needs all the support they can muster at the present time, has said, "Eliminate the Classic look and feel", I still feel that if enough people scream loud enough, somebody that IS sensitive to how badly Microsoft needs all the support they can muster at this point, MAY hear us. Even if Classic users amount to 15 or 20% of the intended audience, that is millions of users (aka potential buyers).

I probably would not buy - or not buy - the product strictly on that one issue, but it would certainly be a heavy negative point if I were teetering between buying the new product or sticking with the old which is already paid for and working.
Details for using nLite to enable Classic Start Menu

What are the steps you took to restore the Classic Start Menu in Win 7? You mentioned nLite but it's only compatible with Win 5.x (2000/XP/Svr 03.) I assume you meant vLite. After pointing to the install files for Win 7 with vLite I checked everywhere and there is no option regarding the Classic Start Menu, only Classic Control Panel. Since you managed to do this please enlighten us on how it was accomplished. Thanks!

Hey Windows 7 Users I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Downloaded From MSDN......
About Classic Start Menu You can't expect every thing at your disposable, microsoft has stopped Spoon Feeding ha ha ha...
So if you want any thing you have to make it your self web surfing & information about classic start menu is helpless as i tried 4 days then i decided to use my Logic and i deployed the Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit ISO image using n-Lite during deploying ii had Vista Ultimate 64 Bit....
In n-Lite you will come to know all hidden keys for enabling and disabling feature of Windows....
that will help you to make your own custome selection in class of windows appearance;windows behaviour;windows settings;windows default softwares....
I did so and selected classic menu and reconstructed the ISO and burned on DVD using MagicISOMaker and it worked for me.....
now i have got Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit with quick launch,classic start menu, efficient power saver profile...
Yea, I was wondering that myself.

Here's what I did so far.

Hacked the shell32.dll and shell32.dll.mui. The Start Button isn't appearing, so I tried hacking explorer.exe explorer.exe.mui and keek getting an error message stating Explorer could not locate Ordinal 8159 in shell32.dll. Here's the incomplete results:

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Nice work

Hey, at least you're getting somewhere. I'm glad someone cares enough about this to do something. We sysadmins and IT support personnel NEED the Classic Start Menu to avoid 100 extra phone calls and tickets per day asking "where's this program?" Please keep up the good work and don't get discouraged by the "evolve or die" crowd in here.

(Segoe UI is garbage)