Windows 11 Cloning PC slows it down


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Hi not sure if this is the right forum for my query...
I have a refurbished Surface Pro from Microsoft which I received as exchange for my original Surface Pro which stopped charging.
I cloned the original one to my new machine but it is running very slow. Not sure if this is definitely due to cloning or a problem with the machine.
Microsoft agreed to replace it but I am doubtful if cloning it is a good idea or stick to re-installing all software. However there are some important work settings which will be lost in process, so would prefer to avoid.
I was advised to roll back to Windows 10 to improve performance but not sure about doing that...
Anyone know of any more ideas on this topic. Have not found much on Google...
Take care
It may be faulty and I would take Microsoft up on their offer but yes cloning (cross platform) is a bad idea

Fundamentally fresh install is always a superior option... While yes clone the system for back up once you have it working well of course

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