compatibility measures permanent ?

While i'm no stranger to new windows OS's and their compatibility issues i am a noob to microsoft beta testing.There are alot of concessions made to increase compatibility of app's designed for previous OS's (ability to tell seven what system it worked on previously back to pure XP no SP) is this a feature of beta testing to provide data to rework these app's or will it be a permanent feature? I for one am quite pleased with this setup as i have yet to find an application that doesn't work and many of them are linux ports like Mencoder that were problematic to begin with on XP.

No,, windows compatibility has been there forever. it is not new, nor only for the beta, it will remain for a very very long time.

excellent news! i am familiar with the ability from the context menu to run a program in "compatibility mode for ?OS" Is this what your referring to? Or perhaps i missed something in previous versions? Because that capability hardly compares to the options available now it seems that if you can tell the OS to install a program in an XP pre service pack fashion or any Windows OS since that almost any application should be viable! HOORAY!

TextureDnB, could you explain how to access this compatibility feature?

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