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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by roscarol, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Okay, let me start by saying I don't have a great deal of experience with computers, so you may have to "dumb it down" for me.:rolleyes:
    The icons on my desktop keep going to the left side of the screen. I have unchecked the option to "auto arrange" several times, but it keeps moving the icons to the left side of the screen anyway.

    Are there any alternatives for me having quick access to the programs, folders etc that I use on a regular basis other than putting them on the desktop as shortcuts?? I may or may not be using some of these terms in the correct way?

    Can I move them down to the task bar? How many icons will the task bar hold? Can I have multiple task bars? Will this slow down my computer?
    What does it mean to create a library for shortcuts?

    One last question; why do some items appear under the start menu and others dont?

    Thanks for your h elp
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    I have noticed that if Desktop icons are moved, it might be that the screen is starting in a lower resolution, and moving the icons to keep them on the screen. When it goes back to a higher resolution, the icons are moved to the left as they might be arranged in the lower resolution.

    Are you running the correct resolution for your monitor? Do you show the correct monitor in the screen resolution you can get to by right clicking the desktop?

    Are you running two monitors?

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