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Does anyone know what contextual tool yourprofitclub is and should I Uninstall it. Is it malware? After updating my firefox browser i started getting a popup window on the bottom right corner of the screen. :confused:

I am not familiar with the contextual tool (there are many such tools). Did you install it? If yes, then you may want to keep using it. If there are any issues, you may want to uninstall it. Scan your system for malware, if it is suspicious you'll get the alert.

I scanned the system but nothing was found. Also I did not install it. At the uninstal window of control panel it shows no info on this application other than date installed. When I tried to uninstal it it requires me to enter a password (which is projected on a box). Somehow I think this is not good!:confused:


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Looks to me to be most likely an add-on to something you've installed. It's one of those selling things where somebody sells you his business secrets and methods to making lots of money - don't think it's a threat but if you didn't ask for it and don't want it I'd remove it. This is the website:

Your Profit Club For Higher Profits With Paul Simister

You could try the uninstall tool to try and get rid of it:

Link Removed - Invalid URL

If you can't get rid then I'd just delete any files and folders associated with it that I can find and tidy any mess left behind afterwards.

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Thanks I uninstalled it! I hate this kind of sneaky add ons.


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Good man - thanks for the feedback.


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I got this from a torrent and found another tool that was similar to this one (advanced performance platform revenuestreaming) on my computer. The other tool also asks you for a password on the uninstall, and I looked it up and it said that it was adware. Seeing how similar they are, this tool is obviously adware too. Uninstall it.



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I would - they're a damn nuisance.

ok i have the same problem

my firefox got tainted and it redirects me to this yourprofitclub ad

all scans have been unsuccessfull

how do you deinstall it? i havent installed this maleware.

Can you pls give me a hint how you used this "perfect uninstaller" to solve this problem?


Got rid of mine with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free edition.

No, it's not.

That poor guy had nothing to do with this, and you really ought to take this link down. It probably constitutes libel.
His site, if you'll look *carefully*, is "", not ".net" or ".com". He didn't create this or authorize it, and he offers links on how to get rid of it.

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