Convert Raid-1 to single disk


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I have a Windows 7 Pro X64 system which boots from a two-disk hardware RAID-1 array, operating from an Adaptec 2405 hardware-RAID controller.
I want to migrate my system and all data back to a single, new hard drive.
I use Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 15, which has a handy Copy Disk option which will apparently copy an entire system to my new disk, handle partitioning, MBR, etc.
Seems to me I should be able to mount the new drive in an external enclosure, migrate the system and data, remove my Adaptec card and RAID disks, mount the new drive internally and cable to the usual hard disk header on the motherboard.
Anyone tried this? Will it work? The snag will be if the copy operation also transfers RAID-specific info which then prevent the new disk from booting in a non-RAID set-up.


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That "should" work. Or, since this a RAID 1 "mirrored" array, you "should" be able to "break" the array and remove the 2nd drive. Make sure the system boots from the remaining single disk. Put the new disk in place of the second disk, copy your drive, then swap drives to put the new in the boot position. Then, no need for enclosure and the 2nd mirrored drive will still have all your old data.

Regardless, you should still make a backup of anything you don't want to lose before starting.

I say "should" for both ways because what "should" work in theory does not always work in the real world - hence, the backup.