Copying multiple files with predefined list

Hello All,

I am looking for some script/program for Windows that allows to copy multiple files from one large directory to an isolated place on the hard drive. I have a list of exact file names I need to copy across (excel table), but the folder is ~1000 sheets and therefore search will take a while. I also need different sheets every month so it becomes a horrendous manual task. So basically the program/script should do 3 things:

Directory from: _____
Take list of files
Copy those files into directory to: _____

Hopefully this makes sense.



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If I get you right, and I may get you wrong, you're actually looking for a search program. If they are separate files Windows Explorer could serve you well. is a good tool for Excel - it's Excel bound.

In you can find a.o., I've used it, but don't know if it suits you.

Don't know if this helps.

Hi! Thanks a lot. I think you were right about the fact that I look for the search tool. I've downloaded few but now the minor issue is that they all search files 1 by 1. I need it to 43 files at once using the uploaded list and than copy those across. But thanks for the lead anyway!

Problem solved! Utility called Multifind


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Great! And to prove you the power of letting us know the solution: I finally started my own archive of solutions. The problem is, people only tell us "It's solved", if they even do that, but not how it was solved... And I, with a head as dense as a bird's nest... just don't remember. :rolleyes: Comes with age, probably... like increase in wisdom, or whatever, now I start to act strangely...

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