Corrupted user profile, help needed!! Wont let me copy files

Problem SOLVED.
..I dicovered that it was temporary internet files which were too long. Not that that fixed my problem, I was still unable to access my copied files in the new account I created, kept giving me an access denied message.

So I decided to just do a system restore instead. None of my important files were lost.

So I try logging onto my laptop today and instead of logging in the usual way a message that windows is creating new desktop settings appears. When it does finally log me on I get a speech bubble message saying I have been logged on to a temporary profile, I restart a few times and the problem persists. After a little google search I realise my old profile is probably corrupted...I have not downloaded any new software/hardware.

I have followed miscrosoft's steps to copy user files from my old profile to a new one, everything in the file transfer went fine until the last few files are to be copied. I then get this error message saying "The file names would be too long for the destination folder", only two options are available skip and cancel. Neither of which are helpful.

I don't recognise these folders which are too long (the names are random letters and numbers), I tried searching for them to no avail. And to be honest I really don't understand what this means.

What the heck do I do??

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I show some long file names in my directory, but they are NTUSER.dat files...I don't think you are supposed to move those.

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