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Hi Rich,
You have the Eagle Eye today.:D No, that Case is "Sick", and a great price too! Son drives a really nice 2010 Mustang GT that is white on exterior, with black interior and red interior lights; think he will like it. Many of the ones I was looking at are over $200! I've got a couple of Mobo's in mind too as I said. I'll just have to see if the Mobo's I'm looking at will fit the form-factor, and have room enough for fans and a CPU cooler that I want. I watched a 4hr. video from Whoosh I think that shows the assembly. I just bookmarked this Case on my parts list for the build. Thanks! I'll also be interested to see what cases William recommends.:wink:



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Ha I never pay much more than that for a case...and I bought this one because of the ability to read drives without taking a side off. It has red plastic insets for front and as I said all the lights red and blue atre neat when its on.

William B

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That's think it's awesome Marc that you will be building your Son a custom rig :) He will remember it all his life, and treasure it I'm sure. That case that Rich built with is a very nice one and is sturdy too.

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