Windows 8 Creating Applications Window

Make a New Toolbar w/ this (see below)
U'll, really, like what it gives. (Hint) a lot like its (last) name. Not quite what an Applications folder gives & much along the lines of the old start menu listings. :) & bonus, don't have to reset anything after booting-up, as you do w/ the Applications folder.

Check it out; many of you will do this -------> :D

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

I'm treating it as a given, how to make a New Toolbar

Rt Clk on your desktop > New > Shortcut.
Put this in the 'box' %windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}
Name it, Applications
(Now) Open the desktop icon, probably you'll want to remove the nav tree, really no need for it in this case, slect the View & Sort desired and Minimize it to the Taskbar... never close it or will have to be reconfigured from the desktop icon.... it has to be reset from that icon following a reboot.
W/ this you have everything in a familiar window & never have to leave desktop (switch screens, like to WinQ or Start) to access anything :D
And done w/out any 3rd party add-ins. Together w/ Desktop Toolbar, yep, makes things really nice.

Enjoy :)


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Along with your descriptive about adding some screen shots for those who can't follow those instructions.
For anyone who would like to have an Applications window on their Taskbar...

This creates a desktop shortcut (icon). You click on it, remove the Nav tree, select what View wanted, Sort how wanted and MINIMIZE. It will, now, sit on the Taskbar. Always just minimize, do not close. It is the equivalent of ALL Apps screen (WinQ). It allows one to access everything, not just what may be on the Start scree (Tiles) but, all applications in a traditional window type display, unlike the ALL Apps screen display AND makes everything accessible from Desktop w/out ever having to change screens.

It only has to be redone from the desktop icon if & when one boots or reboots.

You Rt Clk on Desktop > New > Shortcut. Put in the line below. Name it "Applications" and voila.


I may have mentioned this somewhere before but, you, also, may like to try using it, too.

I've merged all your threads re your tip. There was getting to be a few about the same thing.