CS:GO Analytics help needed.


Hey guys.
I need help with CS:GO analytics. I mean, I need any kind of software or website or service which has match analytics and stats functionality.
CS:GO is my favorite games and mostly I play competitive mode in the game itself, Faceit, etc. I want to improve my tactical and strategical skills to make my team more effective while practicing.
So, if anyone knows such analytics services I would really appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks and be cool:cool:
So, it's a little bit sad that I didn't receive any answer. But, I've done research on the web and found several good tools. The most acceptable for me is dreamteam.gg/csgo/analytics. The last argument was a replay viewer which this tool gives you. I've found several more tools, but those were not representative for my use cases.
Utilizing these tools in conjunction with consistent practice can lead to significant improvements in your gameplay.