Currently not connected to any networks..but I AM

This has kept me busy all morning trying to solve.

I wanted to join a home group but Win 7 shows that I am not connected to any networks.
But my icon on the right corner shows I HAVE internet connection. I can connect to the www.
However when I click on it it says 'no connections are available'.

I have tried several things including restarting services and giving permissions in the registry.

No luck. Does anyone know how to solve this?


After much searching it seems that this is a possible solution. However - I am not sure HOW to do this.
Could someone please explain to me how I do this in the registry?

I found a solution for (my version of) this problem. My tray icon never showed the red X, but if I clicked on the icon, the popup showed a bigger icon with a red X, and said "Not connected". As in your case, Internet worked, but I'm unable to setup a VPN connection because it insists on using a non-existent modem, obviously because I'm "not connected" (which I am).

I monitored the processes running the NlaSvc and Netprofm services (using ProcMon), and noticed that both were denied read/write access to subkeys within the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList hierarchy.

The processes were running as NetworkService and LocalService, respectively, so I tried adding full access for these service accounts to the entire subkey mentioned above. Notice that permissions are not automatically inherited in the registry, so you may need to explicitly "replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object".

Within seconds, Network and Sharing Center tells me I'm connected to my domain. Yay!
A reboot was required to fix the tray icon and its popup.

However, I'm still unable to add my VPN connection.

I'm interested in hearing from you guys if your registries miss the same permissions? If so, Windows 7 must have a bug somewhere with misaligned service permissions/rights.

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