Windows says I am not connected to a Network - BUT I AM!

I am having an extremely frustrating problem.

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista, which I had no problems with.

Now Windows shows that I am not connected to the internet. The wifi status indicator in the tray has a red x over it. When I click to choose an available network, it says that I am already connected on the list of networks. So fine, I have internet access, it's working, no problem.

Then I go to enable media streaming in WMP 12. It constantly says it is "Identifying Network"... and ends up saying that I am not connected to a network. In the Network and Sharing Center, under active networks it says I am not connected to any active network. There's no network map, nothing. So basically although I can access the net, the computer is not recognizing the rest of my network and therefore I can't share files or stream media.

I have donne EVERYTHING. Started and stopped services, cleared ipconfig, upgraded my wifi card's firmware, reset the router... you name it I did it. The strange thing is when I first connect to the network, it shows up for a split second in the sharing center and then quickly disappears. IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS. Any suggestions would be welcome. I will post screenshots later when I am home from work.



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Are you showing as a homegroup?

In Network sharing center, where are the red Xes. Have you clicked them to repair?

If you select Local Area Connection, then details, it will show the IP addresses involved. Do they look correct?

I actually solved the problem. I reset the router to the default settings and now it's all good.

ANother problem though... now I have sharing all set up correctly, and my xbox is set to share all media, but my Xbox won't recognize the PC. ANy ideas?

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