Windows 7 network icon shows "not connected", but I'm connected


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Hello everyone,

I have the issue and couldn't find a way to solve it yet. I have an ASUS Laptop and usually use connection via WiFi. I had the usual Win 7 WiFi status icon and everything was fine, until a friend of mine decided to try improving my WiFi speed with a wireless Netgear USB mini adapter. After I got the problem I decided to uninstall everything that had to be installed for the adapter to work (drivers etc.). But yet nothing changed.

First, after installing the adapter, I had a red "X" on the icon in the task bar below and it showed as if I am connected with a cable (but with the red "X"). I tried searching for a solution online, but could not find anything, so I decided to reinstall the Wireless Network Adapter Drivers. Now there is some progress. The Icon has changed back to the WiFi signal icon, but still shows that the computer is not connected to the internet and that there are connections available. Also when I open the Network and Sharing Center there is no connection set up there as well.

I will attach screenshots so it is easier to see what I mean.
Hope you can help me! Thanks!

First it was like this (example photo).

Now, after reinstalling the wireless adapter driver only the icon has changed. Still I have access to the internet and am connected via Wifi.


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