Windows 8 DATE AND TIME on WIN8 (when not working in desktop)


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Apr 29, 2013
I'm trying to get used to using WIN8 and not constantly work from the desktop. I DO MISS the date and time being displayed in the lower right corner of my screen when NOT in desktop mode. Is there a way to have that show up while in WIN8 programs or when using IE etc. from the start up screen? THANKS!
In metro/modern mode, if you just move your mouse to hoover over bottom left/right, that will prompt the charms bar on the right and show the date/time on the left.
Thank you...this new WIN8 is sure DIFFERENT! I feel like a fish out of water and APPRECIATE all the help and insite!
Thank you. As soon as I hook this new puter up to a printer, I can print out the shortcuts. I don't feel like I'm doing THAT WELL with WIN8, but I'm determined to learn it--and am grateful for all the help I'm finding here. :)
Youtube has some really good videos on some of the in's/out's of windows 8 from other users. It's worth checking out. Once you've used windows 8 for 2 to 4 weeks you'll be a pro at it.
YOUTUBE is a wonderful idea. I went there as you suggested and learned quite a bit re: navigating WIN8 and the new start menu vs. desktop etc. THANKS for the great advice.
Now if you don't like the look and feel of windows 8 and like the look and feel of windows 7. You can download "Classic Shell", which is free, that will add the start button and give you your start menu back. I use Start8 from's paid for piece of software but for $ can't beat it, I think it looks better then classic shell.

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