Windows Server DDNS, Networking and Me

Okay, let me start off with a run down on the situation:

At one point the security system in the building was connected to the Internet and able to be accessed remotely and now is not. The Tech, that still rules the network but never comes to the building, still has all the information for running the equipment, and is not allowing me to use any of it. I can't log on to any router, switch, server (other than my own) or coffee maker in the building. This as you could imagine is making my ability to do the job very difficult, no matter what the task. Being that the system worked before, I can only speculate that no settings have changed, though I have to guess because the IT is not informing me on how he had it set up beforehand. The security system is apparently very old, because the manufacture doesn't want to acknowledge that it ever existed, so technical support is little to none. Looking at the system it uses 3 DDNS systems embedded in the OS, though 2 of them do not exist anymore and the other is a pay to use (DynDNS), boss is not excited about that. I did start working with no-ip to get it working. I have the client installed on a machine running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R1 and attempting to run a web page with IIS 7. The security system runs through a web browser, so as long as I can get traffic to flow from the Web, to the server, to the security system it will work as needed. The issue that I am running into is, I think the router is not allowing inbound connection to the server, and this is preventing a connection. Neither port 80 or 8080 will connect, though I am able to ping the URL. I did read in a place about how no-ip requires port forwarding and DynDNS does not.

My questions are:

Is my ability to ping the URL only because no-ip is in the middle or, is it actually connecting to the server? Without access to the routers do you know of a way to accomplish this task?

I hope that I have provided enough information. Any feedback you can provide would be much appreciated.

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