desktop.ini - what useful purpose?


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I have yet to figure out what useful function the desktop.ini files perform.
If I delete them or not I see no change in operation.

Can someone enlighten me????????


I remember back in the day of 2000 that the desktop.ini could be used to customize your OS. So in explorer you could add wallpapers to explorer windows, in the area where you files are displayed. There was a way to do it, if you did it just right that you could cover all the icons on the screen with a message that said somehting. So if you wanted to warn people at your work that if they messed with the files they could be fired, add the html page in a certin way to the desktop.ini and in the html page put an agree button and disagree button. The agree button would allow the viewing of the files where the disagree would close the window. Other than that, it was an intersting hack and was fun to play with, but it didn't really do much else.

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