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If you want to use some screen recording software to help you record your desktop, you should choose the right program. The one I used can help me capture whatever streaming video and audio files on screen with high quality, and it will also help me save it to standard video file. So, I will always use it to help me record internet streaming video when I was browsing video websites, and I can enjoy it offline.


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The following tools were used primarily:

Desktop Recording:

Video Editing:
Windows Live Movie Maker
Adobe Premier Pro CS5
Microsoft Expression Studio Encoder 4 (no longer used)


Virtualization Tools for Demonstrations:
VMWare Workstation
Microsoft Virtual PC

Audio Editing:
Adobe Soundbooth CS5
Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro)

Expression Studio Encoder and Adobe Premier Pro CS5 were primarily used with TeamViewer and Camstudio for video/web cam overlays, the videos that I did with Joe (involving discussion and dialogue from two remote locations) and special effects. Premier Pro CS5 is still used in certain circumstances and is usually involved when making longer videos. Intros and outros for videos that require text subtitles and so forth are often made utilizing Windows Live Movie Maker, but come off as better in Premier Pro CS5. A good example of videos done nearly entirely in Adobe Premier Pro CS5 are the Windows Server 2008 R2 demonstrations.

How is audio recording handled now vs. before?

I will often use one of two techniques, but now, in nearly all instances, whether the audio is recorded live or not, the audio is almost always run through Adobe Soundbooth CS5 or Audacity for noise reduction and mastering. The audio track can be separated from the video when recorded live using Adobe Premier Pro CS5 and mastered to reduce background noise. It can also be recorded entirely after the video is made. A good example of a video whereas the entire audio track was recorded after the video made are the first two videos ever made: How to Clean Install Windows 7. These videos originally have audio overdubs that were done in several takes to avoid "UH's" and any kind of errors. In some cases a script was even used. These days I do not spend that much time worried about how I sound, but I probably should! A lot does go into these videos, but these are positively all the tools used thus far that I can think of.

Since your question was primarily about recording the desktop: In all of the "earlier" videos, VMWare Workstation is very much recording a virtual desktop without Fraps. Fraps is now used more often on newer videos, or a combination of both.


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Another great program (especially for recording gameplay) is DXTory ( | Home).

It records only in DirectX and OpenGL interfaces, and allows editing after recording. The main benefit (in my opinion), however is the fact that recording using this program has a very small effect on frame rate.