Desktop Slideshow Stops working for certain settings

It's strange, it's a recent problem, my desktop slideshow only works for the time setting of 3 minutes and below however whenever I go to the other time settings (5 minutes+) the slideshow stops. I've already checked my power settings and my slideshow settings are set to Available. Any help? Could it be my excess amount of images in the folder I have designated for my slideshow?


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Since you have already considered the number of photos could be a problem, it is easy to check.. Maybe for some reason the total time to cycle through is running up against some other restriction.

It would not seem the time per photo would make a difference, but make sure none of the photos are corrupted in such a way as to cause problems.

It would seem the slideshow will continue until something stops it and there would be no need to finish some particular sequence first. So I cannot think of any time limit that might be involved.

It's not the amount of photo's, I just test ran it with just photos in the sample folder and only the first image was there. I can manually cycle through, but automatically it doesn't work.

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