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    For years I have been the "go-to" guy for fixing friends and family's computers, which usually were desktops (which i could rip open and replace the hardware in). lately a majority of the issues that i have had to address were laptop issues. while a lot of issues can be fixed with some sort of a virus scan/ driver update/ windows reinstall, ive seen an increasing number of hardware related issues.

    My question to you, the forum, is what do you recommend along the lines of a bootable USB stick to diagnose hardware issues, in the past i have had to create numerous discs, first making a memtest USB, then an AVG usb, etc... is there any all in 1 utility for narrowing the possibilities for what i need to check, rather than spending 5 of the 6 hours it takes me to fix a problem making various bootable discs?

    (this question was raised because i have an "unfixable" windows install i cannot diagnose, but my in-law refuses to let me reinstall windows OR open her PC to hook her drive up to my desktop due to a warranty sticker)

    Any input (besides search google) is appreciated, if i have duplicated another post, please direct me to it, and thank you!

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