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After considerable fiddling I did succeed in configuring a new dial-up connection, and having it log in automatically.

However, in INTERNET OPTIONS|CONNECTIONS|SETTINGS, the name and password do not appear. And if entered there, they do not stick. Reopen the dialog box and those fields are blank. ???

Hello borate,

Did you remember to check the box for "Remember this password"?
If I'm not mistaken, you also have to enter your full email address, password and dial-up phone# supplied by your ISP.
It's been a good number of years since I had dial-up, so I'm not sure if this will help.

Keep us posted



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There is no "remember password" box under INTERNET OPTIONS|CONNECTIONS|SETTINGS.
However, I did check that box when dialing in via a manual prompt.
Eventually dialing became automatic, for reasons that are not clear.

In Windows 7, the SETTINGS configuration page is displaying UID/PW.
But not in Win 8. Yet it does connect automatically in 8, if strangely.

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