Different columns in FileExplorer depending on folder name?


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I setup the following columns as default for all (new) folders:

Name, Size, Date modified

Now I created a new folder with the name "work".
Yes, all columns are set accordingly.
Now I rename the folder to "_work" and the shown folders are automatically changed to

Name, Date, Type, Size, Length

I think Win10 wants to put some "intelligence" on the folder setup. Why for "_work"?
Is the underscore an indicator for something? Maybe Win10 remembers some media files which are placed in such folder in the past?

Ok, I could adjust the columns manually. But I don't want this.

ALL folders should be automatically set to my previously defined one-and-only folder-column template.
No "smart" auto-adjustments by Win10 depending on the content should take place.

How can I achieve this?