Display problem with Windows 7

Good evening Freaks :D

I currently have a big question about display on Windows 7.
We are using an application at work and as you can see on the attached screenshot, the bottom part of the tool is displayed bigger than the above part. The problem is that I have no access to options like the second radio button under "Free".
The problem is that my colleague who is using Win7 64bits just like me does not have this problem on his screen.
The only difference is the brand of the laptop we are using... HP vs. DELL
So I don't really know on which way I should google for this. The only option which makes sense to me is a Display adapter difference between the 2 machines. Driver / Display software ? I don't really know...
Have you ever heard of something like this ?

Thanks by advance for any feedback.


Is that a java app , maybe check your java installs are up to date ?

You don't get an up and down arrow - combined into one - when you slowly move your mouse over the border between the fields? You know.. like the one that appears when you put your mouse on the task bar and slowly move it up to this screen?

First of all, thank you all for you quick answers.
Here is some additionnal info :

ickymay, this is not a Java app, this is a compiled .exe file developped in C++
Drew, these are my display settings :
Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display : there is Smaller - 100% selected
Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display : Custom DPI Setting is set to 100%
Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Screen Resolution : is set to 1680 x 1050
tblount, I can't resize the bottom part of the application to have it with height increased

Check this new printscreen , I resized the window, the bottom part gets no scrollbar and always take the same space.
I also cannot select all the text to force viewing everything.
What is troubling me is that my colleague has the same OS, same application version, only the laptop is different, and he gots the good display.
Any other idea ?


I'm still convinced he has got to be putting his mouse just above "properties" - beside usage - and clicking and dragging the window up - or down. If not, then I don't understand what's trying to be accomplished here.

Can we get a print of his, so we can see what you want? Perhaps use paint and put a mark on the line you want moved. And put them side by side... or one over the other.

"I currently have a big question about display on Windows 7."

I just hate it when I can't resolve a big question.

On his screen is the font size of the bottom part normal, on my it seems bigger, look at this :


Gezz... all this time I was thinking that a WINDOW in the application was incorrectly positioned. I didn't realize it was a font size issue. There must be a setting inside the program. Do this to verify it's in the software and not windows 7.

Over your clock is a magnifying glass with 100% ..or something %... click on it and see if anything changes within your application. If so... then it's fixed. If not, then you got to dig inside the customize settings of the application itself.

I am sure at 200% that it is not an application setting.
Trust me

I am sure at 200% that it is not an application setting.
Trust me
Did it change when you changed windows resolution? If not it's in the software application.

Could be somewhere hardcoded but no setting.
Thanks anyway for your help. :D

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