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Jan 25, 2009
There was a work-around to make this , but that same trick didn't work in 7. Is there something similar in 7 to make this possible?

I hate having icons on my desktop and I'd prefer to not use the quick launch trick to clutter up the taskbar.

Any thoughts?
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These links might help you to achieve what you want:

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Thanks for the links, Rich, but I already know how to add the "quick launch" back to the taskbar.

What I want to do is create a secondary toolbar like in the youtube video I posted.
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I don't think you can. I too have been asking for this and I contacted one of the MS developers. He said they had no plans to do this and it would make a nice task for a "toy". But he couldn't say who would do it or when it would be done.

It's a real shame because I also use a secondary toolbar and have done so ever since Windows 2000.


I have found ObjectDock which should do what you want. Here Link Removed - Invalid URL
is a starting point

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Nice free Docking toolbars fine work in Windows 7 x64
Thanks - it's interesting - but it only docks at the top or bottom - not left or right. I need the height - I don't need the width.

Has anyone heard wether or not 7 will have multiple tool bars. I use a "My Computer" tool bar and dock it to the left side of my left monitor and my task bar to the right of my right monitor in XP and have done so since I first started using XP. I don't care for the little pop out "My Computer" tool bar in 7. Hopefully this will be included in the retail version. also I've noticed that when the power setting shuts down my monitors half of the time my task bar relocates itself to my left monitor. Not every time but often. Anyone else having the problem? :frown:
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I've been sitting here like a fool for 40 minutes trying to do this.

I've had my applications sorted out though toolbars around my screen for years, video editing/3D/CAD on the right, coding on the left, games/multimedia on the top.

It's a shame they don't have a way of doing this in seven. Now I have to hunt around for a tab program I like and pay hopefully find one free...ugh.
same situation here!
I want my toolbars back!!

why do they remove/change useful features like that?!

- Show/Hide Folder Tree area! (R.I.P. in Vista, why?!)
and just when I was getting used to Vista's Top-Shortcut-region/Bottom-Folder-Tree,
I have to re-adapt to the new Folder-Tree version which brings me to this:
why can't I remove items from it!?! like Network or Homegroup? it's really annoying.

- Quick Launch (R.I.P. in 7) (I found a way to restore it, but still, not fair!)

- Show Desktop (why in hell did they move it to they right, I'll never know!)

- oh and the Disk Defragmenter visual interface..
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I wasn't able to make two toolbars, but here's the best I could achieve.

Create a folder on the Desktop, rename it Desktop, gather all your shortcuts and place them in the Desktop folder.

Uncheck Quick launch, choose new Toolbar, navigate to c:\users\yourname\Desktop\Desktop and select that folder.
If you read my thread titled "Will you buy Window 7 without Toolbars?" you will find out that those of us who use toolbars are almost non-existant. I can't believe that people don't use this feature. :(
I have been using a "My Computer" tool bar forever. I have dual display and have my taskbar on the right monitor and "My Computer" on the left. I really miss that featuire and hate the new shiat of pinning it to the taskbar. I was hoping that M$ would bring that back but I'm starting to doubt it.
That toolbar and a confortable (small) windows taskbar is a must for me
i guess that means, no windows 7 for me :(

i wish i could find a toolbar application, that could "read" the folder that i asigned to it, and update it self ( thats the only reason that i dont use docks ) ( and thats why that windows toolbar was the perfect choise )
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I have been frustrated by the removal of this feature as well. Here is the best solution I have been able to find so far using Windows 7 built in functionality, providing you are willing to get used to having your taskbar docked to the side of your screen.

Make a new toolbar on the taskbar then side-dock the taskbar. You can then arrange the toolbar side by side with the docked programs. I'm finding it an ok compromise. Would be nice if you could set the Start button/orb to sit at the bottom though.

I tried all the 3rd party dock programs but none of them seem to allow you to set the names of folders to be displayed constantly, so it's a bit useless if you have 20+ folders that all look the same until you mouse-over to find out what they are.
Hi Drew,

Did you see the image I posted? It has a toolbar set to display all the files and folders in a directory docked in the taskbar (italicised for clarity). In all previous versions of Windows since xp (I think) I could have undocked the toolbar from the taskbar and docked it to the side of the screen by itself, instead of having the whole taskbar docked there as I am forced to do now in Win7 as illustrated in the image.

Do you understand the gripe now? I want a way to have a toolbar that gives me instant access all the folders on a particular drive. And I would really prefer it not to be stuck to the taskbar, so that I can have the taskbar along the bottom and the toolbar docked to the right hand side of my second monitor.

If you do understand the issue and still wonder why I have a problem, can you please suggest an alternative to what I'm doing?
Win 7,

Right click on the taskbar and select Toolbars> New Toolbar, then select the folder or drive. Then if you want it docked to the side of the screen simply click and drag the taskbar from the bottom to the side of your screen. Then right click in an empty space on the taskbar again and make sure "Lock the taskbar" is unchecked. Now you can click and drag the edges of the toolbars to rearrange them, and put them next to each other like in my image if you want. Right clicking on the new toolbar also gives you the options of viewing using large or small icons, showing text, titles, and many more options. Have a play.
I have been using a "My Computer" tool bar forever. I have dual display and have my taskbar on the right monitor and "My Computer" on the left. I really miss that featuire and hate the new shiat of pinning it to the taskbar. I was hoping that M$ would bring that back but I'm starting to doubt it.
Do you have the "Computer toolbar" on your taskbar on Windows 7? Sorry but I'm having a hard time understanding what you mean. Sometimes I can be a little dense. I have it on my W7 taskbar just like I always had it on XP and Vista.
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Yes I do have the "Computer" Tool bar on the task bar because that's all you can get. You can't dock it to the left monitor on the left side of the screen. You can only have it on the task bar. I will have to get used to it but I don't like it as much as the way I had it. Once you have your dual display set the way you like it and use it that way for years it is an adjustment to get used to a different set up. I don't understand the benefit of the new "Tool Bar" setup. It took away an option for me. That's all I'm saying.:confused:
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