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google "objectdock", after you find out all about it, you can load it. i put my normal windows toolbar at the top of my screen, and put objectdock at the bottom. both are hidden when i don't need them, and i have zero icons on my desktop. this gives me a completely clean desktop, with nothing on it except whatever i have open to work on. i also checked hide desktop icons so the recycle bin won't showup either. objectdock is awesome, and makes my life sooooooooooo much easier. check it out!
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I've tried that and it doesn't have the same functionality that the "My Computer" tool bar had in XP. All I had to do in Xp was bump the side of my monitor with my cursor and all of my drives showed up instantly. No clicking on my computer. Not the same thing at all. Just something I used for years and it's hard to get used to the new set up.
Well, it's not a matter of not liking the new superbar rather than wondering why microsoft took a step back when it comes to screen space.
First let me tell you, that i hate having to do many clicks to get to my applications. Secondly that i run a dual monitor setup at 2x1600x1200 for at total of 3200x1200 pixels. Thirdly that i have no need for a clean desktop, as many of you seem to fancy.

In short i like to be able to click once to get where i want, whether it be my x: drive or that nice little ftp program or excel, etc.

If you look at my attached desktop screenshot, i challenge you and Microsoft, to show me how i can get similar setup in Windows 7!

Problem is i really like windows 7, its fast and sleek, but i can not get to grips with the fact that i have to gather all my entries to programs and files in an overcrowded taskbar that only fills half of the bottom of my desktop. Add to that, that the superbar is overly spaced, so that very few items actually can be on it. Last but not least i have to know every icon of my programs to identify them, with no text to help me.

I feel this is a step back...
At least just give me the option, to choose if i want to drag my custom toolbar off the superbar and place it somewhere else.
I found a quick launch gadget that can contain shortcuts. Using that in conjunction with the Vista Sidebar means I have what I need. Not perfect, but it's the best solution I have found so far.

This is just awful. I feel lost without my toolbars. There was never any time that I had heard though any kind of greapevine that when I finally set eyes upon the awesome wonder of windows 7, they might as well have been tear-filled.. I just really want to have my toolbar on the left (auto-hide so i can bump it) while keeping a regular taskbar at the bottom (for time and active windows). It can't be that hard to bring this functionality back. I realize toolbar users are probably a small percentage but why would you take something like that away??? I had to comment on this because it's just a wrong move. I really wish I hadn't purchased win7 because I am pretty PO'ed about this. It would be great if we could get them back somehow.
I found this trick on another Forum that works ......... apparently :D

Edit: Ooooops! I got confused there, what people are wanting is the option add or remove icons on the Toolbar in My Computer or the old WinXP Windows Explorer ............................ Y/N?
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I found this trick on another Forum that works ......... apparently :D:

Eh, i can't see how that is helping anyone in this thread? This thread is about the custom toolbar functionality found in windows XP, which is removed from windows 7. Not the sidebar. which is bloated and useless imo.

But thanks for trying.
I found a quick launch gadget that can contain shortcuts. Using that in conjunction with the Vista Sidebar means I have what I need. Not perfect, but it's the best solution I have found so far.


Doesn't work with Windows 7 properly - no way to manage the icons. So, another dead end.

I think I have finally found what I need. There is a sidebar gadget called App Launcher which works fine. I have the old Vista sidebar loaded so my screen looks like I want. I can launch the apps I want easily.

I just need a MS Messenger app which doesn't take up space in the task bar when it's minimised and I'll be really happy.

Hate the lack of toolbars.

Ever since Windows 98, I've found using Windows a breeze, after setting up custom toolbars. Who wants to keep navigating through the start menu, (which can take, more than a few steps to reach the application you want), or fill up one's desktop with icons, when you can set up a folder with shortcuts and drag that folder to the edge of a screen and 'hey presto', you've got a toolbar which gives you instant access to the programs or files you regularly use. So why oh why have Microsoft removed such a useful feature. Customizing toolbars, and drag and drop have always been regarded as the way to go...but not any more. With Windows 8 will they be removing the ability to 'drag and drop' throughout the start menu? Things are steadily getting more awkward with Windows.

A lot of us are moaning. So why don't we reinstall our older windows, and send Windows 7 back to Bill Gates?

Microsoft....I am completely upset with you, and would dearly love to swear, but I will keep my composure and reinstall Vista, or even XP. I'd even put 98 back on if my hardware would support it. Wish Apple Mac would write an operating system for pcs...then Microsoft could take a run and jump off a cliff.
I had the same problem i found one that does the job pretty good it's called RocketDock. Download RocketDock -
I didn't like it at first because the icon were too big. but you can set up the size (for the icons and the zoom option)and remove the icons you don't like. it says it doesn't support 64bits but i've been using it without problems on my 64bit windows 7. hope it is usefull to you. oh and it's free, and as far as i've seen, no spyware.
I join to this forum only to mourn with evryone who were using good OLD custom toolbar!!!
I was putting one on top with "My computer" and it was automaticly refreshed when i put usb or something similar, and other on my left side with Aplications and games... ahd the funcionality.... putet on auto hide... ah.. MMmmmm

Now... pin to taskbar... NOOOO

well all this free "docks" cannot refresh the content of given folder so the bigges funcionalty to me is lost...
i hope i'll dig something or the answer will be given to us any time soon. so i hope...
Well Since 7 is new, maybe some smart person out there will figure out how to restore this feature and charge a reasonable fee for it and we would have our beloved tool bars back. Then, sadly there is reality.:(
Ok, I'm addressing this again. I almost wish I knew where what I'd previously written was :frown:

2. Put Favorites on Start M
4. Enable LINKS Toolbar


Your post is very helpful. Let me ask you about two items which I have never paid attention.
a) How do you use Favoirtes? In my computer, Favortes are full url files. It seems that you are usng Favorites for other than URL.
b) Links. My links (located inside of Favorites folder) are full of url.

I would like to learn from you about the application of these two stuff. TIA. hummer