Does your Windows 10 shut down occasionally ?


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Normally I leave my PC on lock screen or put it to sleep using a key on my keyboard.

On several occasions I have returned to my PC (after some hours) only to find that it has shut down for no apparent reason. On switching it back on the boot sequence runs OK with no error messages or reason for the shutdown.

Never had this under Windows 7, or even previous editions.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so is it a fault in 10 or can it be corrected ?

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is your copy of Windows 10 fully updated as Microsoft have released several updates addressing certain issues?


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Have you checked your power options including the advanced section?

Yes.. I have checked EVERYTHING. Gone through settings and control panel with a fine tooth comb.

Strangely enough since my original post it's only happened once, so it may have been sorted out by recently downloaded updates to Win 10.

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