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Discussion in 'Windows News' started by hbailla, May 6, 2009.

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    in the 5th of this month microsoft release the windows 7 RC with a direct link from the microsoft website .

    Just when we thought Microsoft was getting uncharacteristically generous, we got this nasty surprise: that free Windows 7 release candidate Microsoft is giving away to everyone today has a nasty time bomb ticking inside it. Beginning on March 1, 2010, the operating system will begin shutting down every two hours. If you're using one of the beta versions of Windows 7, the hourly shutdown game starts much sooner, on July 1, 2009.

    to download click here
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    I really don't see the big deal regarding these "time bombs".. ;) I'll use Windows 7 RC until the Retail version is released which will most likely be long before the RC expires.. ;) If for some reason the Retail isn't released by then, I'll just go back to Vista until it is released.. :) I just don't see why the time bomb is such a big deal to some so much so that they actually crack it..:rolleyes: I like to move onto the next version as soon as it is released.. making the previous versions nothing more than another coaster..
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    Do people seriously expect M$ to give out a free OS? Of course it's going to timebomb, they know how well the RC runs and alot of people would be content to continue to run that even after the final version came out because it's free. It would make no sense for them to release the RC and have it able to run forever, they'd lose a ton of money. The timebomb gives people enough time to test it and check it out before the RTM. Honestly, I think the time alloted is more than generous. Considering that the RTM will likely be released as early as October I would have expected a timebomb of January 2010 at the latest.
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    We all know that so what is knew ? Jeez we have been on that for ages !

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