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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by seekermeister, Nov 8, 2013.

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    For several reasons, I'm considering adding a drive selector switch to my desktop, but all that I've found available are designed for a maximum of 6 drives. I want one that will handle 8 drives...5 SATA HDDs & 3 ODDs. I could put all of the ODDs on 1 switch, which would make the 6 drive switch workable, but I would prefer not to. Therefore the only option that I can see is to make a switch array myself, cutting a rectantular hole in the case, and placing a plate over it with individual switches mounted on it.

    The thing that I'm uncertain of is exactly which wires to connect to the switches? I don't think that the ground wires need be connected to them, but there are 3 kinds of power cables involved...12 volt yellow, 5 volt red & 3.3 volt orange. Which of these would need to be switched to make a drive dead when switched off...all of them? From what little that I have been able to determine from ad photos on commercial switches, it doesn't look as though all 3 are involved, but then again, they also seem to connect to the ground wires also, which seems unnecessary.

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