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    Help: Driver Advice

    Hey...i am using windows vista home premium 64 bit and have a toshiba L300 with 4gb ram and 250gb HDD....i want to upgrade to windows 7 using a clean install and the windows 7 version is Windows 7 RTM Gold Final Build 7600.16385 64 bit...its the final build, i did a compatability check with with wondows 7 upgrade advisor and the results said that my laptop is compatible and gave a list of all the drivers and programes that are compatible...everything said compatible and no conflicts, so before the clean install i will back up the drivers using driver magician andi know the advisor said no conflicts, my main issue is the drivers, will the back-upd drivers work with the new windows?

    Hope can get some help at this..

    Thanks in advance..
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    You should check Microsoft's website and Toshiba's website for those details
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    If you cannot find any windows 7 drivers then usually vista drivers will suffice.. However this isn't true for all cases so I guess your gonna just have to wait and see if any problems emerge.. You've done everything right so far, so the possibility that you'll be fine is good..

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