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Feb 4, 2017
* Some might not like this. but I can say since I've been a user for about a year now that, Driver Easy basically,

All of the drivers are downloaded from their manufacturer or provider. And also, they are WHQL drivers.

When you are using Driver Easy, it will detect device drivers on your computer, and check if they are the latest drivers. If not, it will report the update. Then our customers could download and install drivers.

The system knows what hardware you have in your system and knows where to get the WHQL drivers for said hardware. From their official websites. I've been on Windows 10 and rolled back to Windows 7 for close to 2 week now. Driver Easy is a trustworthy software product, you guys know me now and I'm out to help this community. So you can decide if it is for you. Some may and can disagree and some can agree that's ok, but they ONLY update official drivers from the official websites. But as for Windows 7 and difficulties to find drivers, this might be a good option to help folks find drivers.

I've never trusted driver utilities, you never really know where they drivers are coming from. Devices are pretty easy to ID if you know what to look at, but I guess I see this having usefulness for the average user.

One thing to note is that some of the bigger manufacturers, HP and Dell, have driver packs so all you need to do is download one item and point each missing driver at the top level and it should install the drivers just fine.
I understand that's why I said some might like it, some might not. But I've been a user for a long time now and it finds all official updated drivers WHQL.
.We do not as a forum recommend applications such as these to anyone especially as we usually end up repairing the damage caused by one of these awful applications.

Simply put, the best way to find your drivers is to get off your ass and find them on the internet.

It isn't so hard especially if you know what machine your currently using as they usually have a support page for either the motherboard or laptop being used.

I know it sounds daunting but it really isn't and your machine will run all the more better for you having made the effort.

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