driver for network adapter

Hello my problem is that i was installed windows 7 but get an error :
Install a driver for your network adapter:mad:
problem is that i find this driver in asrock homepage but cant find :(
So my motherboard model is Asrock P4S61 i check it in google and dont get network drivers for win 7 ( in asrock homepage)
P.S: Sorry for bad english and maby any1 hawe any suggestions?
P.S.S: Im noob in hardware and drivers because in windows xp i get all drivers automatically so mabee some1 hawe a link???

Welcome to the forums, Rammsis :)

If you cannot find 7-compattible driver for your network adapter, there are two ways to try:

1. Control Panel > Device Manger > Your Network adapter > Install driver - then if it's not found in the internet, click "Find manually" and select Microsoft standard driver

2. Get a Vista or XP driver and install it in Vista/XP compatible mode (installer > properties > compatibility tab)

Hello, Rammsis.

If cybercore's solution doesn't work for you then you can try the following:

Go to the motherboard's manufacture website ( and check the specifications of your motherboard's model. You should be able to find information regarding the manufacturer and the model of your network adapter (let's say for example it's Realtek RTL8187)
Next you go to Realtek website and try to find an updated driver for Win7 there. Use the search option or try the support section.

This method works for me every time with only a few exceptions..

Good luck, and please post your results for the benefit of everyone else.

lol cbercore mee dont hawe driwer for network adapter so how shie can find an driver how you think :D

sambler i find this:
Networking: Network adapter - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
and this:
LAN- 802.3u, 10/100 Ethernet LAN, WOL supported
i dont understand what of them is true because how i see its integrated and i dont see model of it when open my computer (i mean my black box not a C:/My Computer) :D :D :D :D
some more ideas????

any programm wo can say wat actualy is my ethernet adapter version?


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In device manager, right click on the network adapter and choose properties, go to the details tab and see what it says in the box labeled "Value" make a note of that information. Now go to the drop down arrow and select "Hardware IDs" check the box labeled Value, maybe snip it and post it here, or perhaps just try goggling the information that you've obtained through doing this.

ok i just try to find manual driver for this device in old windows :D thats good idea because at least i cnow that its winbond w89c940 ETHERNET ADAPTER DRIVER that i need but in google i found it only for win xp 2000 nt 98 & so others but not for windows vista or windows 7 :( wats new????
trouble? network adapter is the same as ethernet controler??? because i cant find network adapter but in enthernet controler hardware ids value is:
is this help??


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I see you finally found a driver. There is this one, but probably the same:
ASRock P4S61 drivers - page 2

You could try installing it in compatibility mode for wIndows 200 or XP?
But honestly, that motherboard was the last one I usd when XP was dominating the OS scene. The ethernet adapter, which is what you have, is your only access to the internet on that motherboard. Perhaps you could try and purchase a wireless card which could be used with it. But be careful, you could be wasting your cash - try and buy somewhere on a try or return basis.. The motherboard is even limited to PCI, rather than Pci express slots.
I think you may be very disappointed with the results you get trying to run Windows 7. Whatever the limitations of your budget, you should consider upgrading you computer, or staying with Windows XP in the interim.

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