dual boot problem.

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    Problem: The windows doesn't boot. It gives me the first screen and goes directly to a blank black screen with a cursor. There are no options at this point but to hit ctrl-alt-del and restart the computer. After restarting, on the first screen, there's an option to enter BIOS setting by pressing F2. (pressing F8 doesnt do anything/ it is an assembled computer by Compal)

    Solutions I tried: I entered the BIOS settings and changed it to "LOAD SETUP DEFAULTS". Also, the boot order seems right- the #1 option reads "IDE 0: WDC WD3200BEKT- 22F3TO- (PM). The second options says slimtype DVD A.
    After saving, I restarted the computer. But the same problem appears.

    another solution I tried: I unplugged the battery and the power cord then, pressed the power-on button to remove any static electricity, then plugged in again and restated. this doesnt work either.

    After being desperately frustrated, I used the recovery CD and reinstalled the OS in an already existing partition (I had a partition E:\....there was still vista in C but I installed another one in E too after Windows 7 didnt work in E) but it doesnt work either. While reinstalling it asked me where to install the OS. I said E. It still showed C: at this point. But after restarting there was no luck.

    Please please help. Next week is my finals week for the semester and being without a computer does no good. I absolutely love your machine but at this point I desperately need your help.

    Call me at 2034998792 if you need more details.

    Thanks a lot,

    Rijan Shrestha.

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