Dual monitor is no longer locking mouse in fullscreen mode


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This is a newer issue for me. I am not sure if there is some setting that may have changed. I can't say for certain how long ago the problem started but I've only noticed it in the past couple of days. I haven't changed any system settings (some updates were installed). I always wondered how to set it up so my mouse could be free on the two screens but now that it is that way I'd like to get the full screen mouse lock back. Does anyone know any solutions that are not third party software. I haven't installed anything that should change the mouse lock so I shouldn't have to install something to fix it.

Basic info on the system
1.8 GHz phenom
8 gigs of ram
GeForce GT 440
Win 7 Pro 64 bit

I don't know that other information is needed but let me know if you need additional info. Thanks in advance. I have look around a lot of forums and seem to only find people wanting to remove not restore the mouse lock.