Dual screen monitor setup...

I was happy to see that when I installed windows 7 it automatically recognized my dual monitor setup - I could move things monitor to monitor, they were not just "cloned"

My pet peave though is I can't change the wall paper on each monitor seperatly, I must use the same one for both of them, and I can;t stretch 1 wallpaper across both.

I used to use Ultramon to do this in XP - But alas, does not work with Windows 7

Has anyone found a solution to this?

Maybe you could try using the nVidia utilities in Control Panel? I don't know much about ATi, sorry!

DisplayFusion 2.2.1 works nice on Windows 7. (Carried over from Vista)
I span 1 image across 3 monitors very nicely... or I can use 3 different images on each monitor.

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