Windows 7 dvd drive not working

the laptop im using to test windows is a very common hp pavilion laptop and after installation of windows 7 my dvd drive (tsst corp cd/dvdw ts-l632m ata device) will not function in device manager it shows an exclamation mark and when i try to update drivers it says thier up to date when i check on driver details it shows im using windows 7 beta drivers and i would like to see this issue corrected before the release of the os also i would reinstal the os but i cant without the drive and i don't have an external lying around the exact model of my laptop is a HP Pavilion DV6416ca. Anyone with suggestions just pm me or post plz.
Click on Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Right click Command Prompt -> Run as administrator.

Paste the following line and hit enter afterwards

bcdedit /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

Then restart and see if that works.
tried once so far and nothing still same thing, thx anyways tho i hope i can get it fixed then i'll probably reinstall windows 7 because thats what alot of people are doin.
Really I would just go to device manager, right click, and uninstall it, then reboot and see if it fixes itself.
ok guys thx i'll try putting in safe mode and disabling then restarting but i've already tried the uninstal and reboot doesnt work out.
think you undestood me wrong. you don't have to enter safe mode. when you press F8 during boot there will be an option to boot without integrity checks. but just apply the fix I posted above, that should do the trick.
still not working im afraid is there any way i can use a vista driver instead of the windows 7 driver that doesnt seem to work?
if deactivating the integrity checks isn't helping I guess your drive isn't compatible with vista/7. you can try to get a vista driver from the manufacturer's homepage and install it, but I guess that won't work.
Issues Solved in my notebook

The problem was the GEARAspWDM.sys installed by my Itunes.
I had to remove ALL files starting with GEAR0Aspi*.* from the disk. I deleteted them all.
Then use REGEDIT to also remove all related to GEARAspi.

You will get a different error (missing driver), the first time you reboot.

Remove and install the driver again, then in the end you can reinstall Itunes.

The problem was that the GEARAspiWDM.sys had not UNKNOWN Digital Signer. Not it shows Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility.

if you really want to know if your probles is the same, check the driver and you will see. Also, if you reboot using F8 then selecting the option of not checking Digital Compatibility, you will see that it works, but the next boot the problem is back.

I hope it helps. It took me many hours reading around until i really find that suggestion.
windows 7 not working

hi i have an acer aspire 5800T
i down loaded windows 7 and now i dont have a d drive or any usb that will work please help :(