Windows 7 DVD Problem (possibly a little different)


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I have spent the whole evening looking for a solution to my problem but cant find one so i though i may as well just post it up.

I have Windows 7 Installed on my laptop as a dual boot with XP. I installed it from my USB HDD and it all works amazingly well considering how rubbish the spec is on this 3 year old laptop!

Anyway when i first started a few months ago the DVD worked fine and i could watch films. About a month ago it started being temperemental and only sometimes recognising the disk. Since last week however i have not been able to get it to recognise any DVD's, it just says nothing is inserted after a couple of minutes of odd spinning noises.

I know there is no problem with the drive as i can use it perfectly fine with XP, but it is a pain restarting and XP is very slow.

Thank you in advance for any help