Windows 10 DVD ROM Problem


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Hello again,

Hope this is an appropriate forum.

My two Windows 10 Pro 21H1 machines suddenly lost the ability to read
DVD-ROM discs - both at around the same time.

They'll read anything else, but not DVD-ROM although both drive have
been used to write the very discs they now refuse to read. Both drive
are supposed to be DVD-ROM capable and have been happy with these discs
in the past.

I suspect an update, but haven't noticed anything other than security
updates recently. Both machines are fully up-to-date and Windows tells me
the drivers in place are the latest, although I suspect they are generic
MS drivers rather than those from the manufacturer.

The error I get is lack of any response in File Manager on clicking the
drive and 'drive not found' in my 2-pane Total Commander file tool.

Any ideas ? (These ROMs are slow, but can be written to directly without
the need of a burner programme. I'd hate to lose them).