Windows 10 Edge Browser - McAfee Security Software

After installing Windows 10 and using the Edge Browse I have recently starting getting pop up type warnings that my COX IP supplied security software, McAfee, will not work or protect using the Edge Browser and I need to revert back to an old Internet Explorer Browser to be protected by McAfee.

Is this correct? If so when will Edge be supported by McAfee, or is there a solution to his problem? Is any one else getting these pop ups or having same problem?

I realize that often we get erroneous pop up trying to sell us something or that are not correct attempting to direct us to sites of some one else's choice unnecessarily.

Why would any one want to use Edge for a browser if can not be protected by security software or Edge not being able to save files.

What was the point of upgrading to Windows 10 if the browser doesn't do critical things the old one did? Why would Microsoft present such a program with major flaws? I only a recreational user and not a computer whiz, but don't understand this one.


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Have you ever looked at using Google Chrome.
I've used it for years, it's much easier to use then either Edge or Internet Explorer.


I do use Chrome occasionally. Been using IE for 25 years, think you right Mike, time to switch over to Chrome, my kids sware by it, guess this old dog needs to learn new tricks.

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