Edge to become more Chrome


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I was never much of a IE browser person. Used Firefox many years. Started using Opera about a year ago. Tried Chrome but didn't like the lack of control. Too used to Firefox and Opera I guess.

Tried Edge browser several months back. I actually like it more than Chrome. So I switch between Opera and Edge now. Using Edge close to half the time. That's good , considering I thought I'd never use a browser from Microsoft.


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You have a lot of control over Chrome. Navigate to chrome://flags/ in chrome and there are a lot of settings you can tweak


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Brave, Vivaldi, Opera and Chrome are all based on Chromium
I dual-boot this tower between Windows.10.pro & PCLinuxOS.kde. I've tried Vivaldi but didn't like that it is a bit less tweakable than Opera. Opera is seen as Chrome by websites.

I've even tried Palemoon browser. It is a spin-off Firefox, but doesn't let all the plugins from Firefox install.

My conclusion is to use Startpage or Duckduckgo for searching, and run Bleachbit once or twice a week. Then a browser is just a browser.