Windows 8 Eliminate Accidentally Hitting Charms Bar

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For those (of us) that want to stay on the old familiar Desktop when using Win-8, having the charms bar pop up when we touch the right corners of the screen, is just not acceptable.
Here's a fix that removes that activity.

1. Open Registry Editor (press Win+R, type regedit.exe in Run dialog and press Enter or hit OK, OR, just hit Run in the Users Menu, Rt Clk Bottom-Left Corner or Desktop) and go to key
2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell
3. Create here a new key “EdgeUI“.
4. Select the EdgeUI key in the left pane and create a new DWORD value of DisableCharmsHint in the right pane of Registry Editor.
⦁ DisableCharmsHint – Set it to 1 to disable the Charms bar when using the mouse. It will not appear when you move the pointer to the top-right or bottom-rights corners. But, if you move the pointer to the top-right corner and then move it down along the right edge of the screen or from the bottom-right corner up to the screen center along the right edge, it will, now, still, appear again.

Setting prevents the Edge UI panels from appearing accidentally. It will take effect immediately - you do not need to restart Windows Explorer or log off. You will still be able to show it when you actually want to use them.

If you want to enable the default behavior, simply set the value to 0 or delete it (the DWORD entry) to (re)enable the Charms Bar popup, again.

Personally, I am very glad of this since, I keep my Taskbar of the right side. Some like it cus they used to hit Charms when meaning to close (x) a window. And, I hear this is really, especially appealing for gamers, too.

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For those who are nervous, when going into the registry, there is a convenient automatic reg file on VG's site:

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Yes, thanks, David. It's in the PS down near the bottom of the page David has provided.

This actually hides Charms Bar until you wish to activate it. It will not automatically pop up when your cursor gets to the corner, and yet still allows the Charms Bar to be activated when needed.