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You know literally nothing about computers. Really.


Go and play somewhere more appropriate for your intelligence level. Maybe there's a Telletubbies forum somewhere?

Andrea Borman

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Well I have made a comedy video on You Tube about-THE EMAIL THAT NOBODY CAN USE. Why is it that people have no sense of humor?

Email clients like Outlook Express and clones are not a person. They are just bits of software that's all. But anyone would think that Outlook Express,Thunderbird,and others was a person. The way they take it so seriously.

They are just computer software,and useless software at that.Outlook Express and clones are not human. Andrea Borman.


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Where's the link to the video?

Andrea Borman

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Hi Mike. Great,at last someone with my sense of humor. Here is the link to the video,here-YouTube - The email that nobody can use. You know,some people have taken my labeling of Outlook Express and clones,the other email clients much too seriously.

I don't know why they took it so personal about my writing about about the email clients being unusable for most people personal. When all they are just computer software and not real people. The email clients that is.

The only thing I can think of is maybe some people got so wound up by me telling them the email clients are no good because you can't use them. Was because they were the ones who invented Outlook Express, or maybe they work for the company that makes Outlook Express, or Thunderbird or the other email clients.

That would explain it. But they are hardly going to take Outlook Express and clones off of the Internet because one person and a few others does not like it. Are they?

They did not like it on the Linux Mint forums when I told them that you cannot use the email clients. But I think that is because they know I like Windows and not Linux. Which is true as I get on better with Windows. Andrea Borman.

Actually, the Mint forum put up with Andrea for some time before warning her to stop hijacking threads like she's done here.

She has actively disrupted several threads over there with her rants.

If she doesn't take heed they are likely to reluctantly ban her, at least temporarily.

She says she doesn't like linux yet she is over at a linux forum spreading her misinformation and stirring things up.

Go figure.

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Andrea Borman

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Well it is difficult to stick to one sole subject in a thread as one software question or subject, usually leads to a different question or software subject in order to solve it.

But I think it goes deeper than that. Frank, You seem to take it as a personal insult when I say that the email clients are no good. So maybe you do work for the company that makes Outlook Express or Thunderbird.

But don't worry. They are not going to sack their office workers, just because one person and a few others says that they don't like their product-the email clients. Or take their email clients off of the Internet because of me.

So you will still have your job at the office. Even if people like me don't use the email clients.

And yes,I admit it. I do like Windows and think it is better than Linux. And I don't want to convert to Linux. I want to stay with Windows.

I guess they found that out too on Linux Mint forums.

And by the way,a hijacker is a terrorist who hijacks planes and I DON'T fit that description. Andrea Borman.

Well Andrea the thread got a warning on was a thread titled "Do you run Linux as your sole operating system?"a legitimate
topic for a Linux forum.
You come in with several posts about you favorite subjects everything from why you don't like linux to your views on email clients
and anti-virus programs.
Hardly on topic, eh.

BTW, No Andrea I'm retired and have never worked for any tech company and I don't take anything you say personally.

What does concern me however is your constant need to spread misinformation and give bad advice.
And I do mean constant.
Some folks coming here for help may be newcomers and may heed your misguided advice.
Many of us come here with a desire to help others.
Your bad advice helps no one.
I personally could care less about what you do or what programs or OS's you choose to use.
You are not in any position to be giving advice about anything to do with computers especially in
view of your demonstrated lack of knowledge on the subject.

As to you being a hijacker, in the context that you are most definitely "taking over threads" with your incessant and sometimes incoherent rants
I think hijack is most appropriate.
The word hijack has many more meanings aside from your definition.

BTW, I'm not the first to use the term hijack in regards to your posts.

Quoted from the Mint forums from a moderator over there.
Please stop hijacking topics to post your rants. You only display your lack of knowledge about Linux, Windows, and computing in general and prevent members who want to reply to the original post from doing so.

If you want to rant about Outlook Express or anything else, open a new topic in Open Chat. The only restrictions are no profanity, obscenity, pornography, personal insults, or deliberate attempts to start arguments. We also ask that you refrain from posting about politics or religion as these posts tend to quickly deteriorate into flame wars.

This is not the first topic you have hijacked. If this behavior continues, you could face a temporary ban from this forum and if that is not effective, a permanent ban may be considered.
I'm done responding to you Andrea, have a good life.

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Joe S

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I'm retired too and never worked with computers I'm self taught. You're just a vacuum brain you don't even qualify as an airhead that likes to have to last word.

Andrea Borman

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Many Linux brands have Thunderbird installed. So Linux users are using a clone of Outlook Express without knowing it. Or they don't want to believe it.
Thunderbird and Zimbra Desktop is another version of Outlook Express for Linux and Windows. A clone of it.

And I tried Zimbra Desktop too, for Windows It has a posh name, but like all the other email clients, I could not use that either. Andrea Borman.

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