Error 0x80070002 without system restore

For a while now I have been living with this.

I have been asking around on numerous forums for help but have yet to find any. I am unable to open any apps but the store and when I tried to uninstall and reinstall some apps I was met by an 0x80070002 error. It's not serious because I can use the apps on other users, but it would still be nice to have it fixed. I really don't feel like resetting my system. I have tried various fixes but all have failed so far. Any help is appreciated.


Sorry for posting in the wrong section or being unclear.

(Why is there a link on the word uninstall?)


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............It's not serious because I can use the apps on other users..................

Are you saying that you can use the apps in another user account ?
If yes, perhaps your account is corrupted.
Is this account, the one you have problems with, an admin account ?
If yes, create ANOTHER admin account, log on to it and see if you can use the apps properly.
If the new admin account works fine, then it is for sure you have a corrupted account which should be deleted, after saving the files you want to keep.

Thanks for answering so promptly. I'm the only user on my computer but prefer to use a standard account. The admin account works fine but it's my standard account that has the problems downloading and using metro apps. I was just installing all the updates for my computer but it made no difference...


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Same supposition applies........Your standard account is corrupted.
Create another standard account and test it.

Yeah... my last post was pretty pointless. Anyway, made a second account and it worked fine. :) Is there any way to transplant all my files, settings and stuff to this other account? I have about 500 GB of files and it may take a while to do manually.

Awesome. Thanks!


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You are welcome.

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