Ethernet and Wireless Disconnecting Promblems.

(Before i start, i have checked multiple threads on this site about my problem but none atm have seemed to work, im sorry if this topic arrises constantly but i have done a search but my problem still presists.)


My problem has been going on roughly since i aquired the laptop but im sure that it isn't a hardware fault.

My ethernet will disconnect usually once or twice a day usually an hour after the laptop has been turned on. After that it won't disconnect again.
The wireless internet will disconnect more often but i have only noticed it during the night.

It also only seems to happen when playing online games on the laptop specifically java style ones.

Laptop Specs;

Windows 7 64-bit
AMD Athlon II Dual-core M320 2.1 GHz
Wireless Adapter - Atheros AR9285
Ethernet Adapter - Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller

So far i have tried;

Updating all devices,
Uninstalled the devices and re-installed,
Unistalled Anti-virus software,
Disabled Firewalls.

Thanks for taking your time to read the above and thanks for any help that you can provide.


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It also only seems to happen when playing online games on the laptop specifically java style ones
Can you be more specific as to what is actually happening when the problem occurs. We need to make sure that it's actually your problem and not a problem with the game server not being able to provide sufficient bandwidth to support all connections, so....
When the problem occurs can you still ping the inside edge of your router. To determine the ip address, from a command prompt type ipconfig /all then write down the address that's associated with the default gateway, something like 192.168.1.nnn
Then when the problem occurs see if you can open a command prompt and type
ping 192.168.1.nnn
Second if the problem exists on both wired and wireless, then you should probably pick one, disable the other and focus your trouble shooting on one device at a time.
Attempt to eliminate any impact from third party applications, drivers, processes, or services, by booting into safemode with networking and see if the problem persists. You may also find this article helpful when attempting to track down a problem that results from third party products.
Clean boot Windows 7.

Well i rarely use my laptop for the internet except to get certain items, so if it does disconnect im unaware that it happens.

The disconnect happens like this -> Kicked out of the game to the login screen (this happens when you disconnect from the internet) and Unable to browse at all.
However, the laptop still show a stable connection to the internet.

I only ever use 1 at a time as well. If i use the wireless the ethernet is not plugged in, and i use the ethernet the wireless is turned off.

Im hoping it is a third party software (i first suspected my anti-virus to be the problem), so i'll try in a safe-mode and see what happens as well.

Thanks for the info, i'll post what happens later on.


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Thanks for the follow-up.
Appearing to be disconnected from the internet and actually being disconnected can often be two different things. You may not be able to type into the address bar of your browser and have it return the page, but you might be able to type and get a page to load, this typically is a DNS issue and can often be resolved a couple different ways.
So I thought we would start with the basics and see if your internal network was still viable and then proceed from there.
Also remember to choose safemode with networking .... not just safemode.
Keep us posted.

Well any program using the internet goes off as well, such as msn. Msn won't reconnect for 10-20 seconds as that is when the connection comes back.


Today the wireless internet disconnected several times without me playing on any games etc. So im unsure what could be causing it now.

I haven't tried safemode yet so i'll give that ago later.

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