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Windows 10 Display resolution, Intel Graphics 3000 on Dell laptop


New Member
Mar 31, 2022
Hello y'all. I have an unusual problem with my display resolution.

As many others, I have an older Dell laptop with an Intel Graphics 3000 adapter. Like many others, Windows 10 suddenly won't let me change the resolution to 1920. But in my unique case this happens only ONCE IN A WHILE. A restart usually solves the problem and I'm back at 1920. How can this be?

The issue was most likely caused by one of the Windows Updates in February 2022. As for driver, I had the newest one released by Intel in 2016. What I tried: remove "Intel Graphics 3000" from Device Manager, then let it install again; and install an older driver, for Windows 8, released in 2015 (this seemed to solve some issues for some people here in the forum). But all this didn't help me. As I said, the issue appears ~50% of the time, so I guess my driver is fully capable of displaying 1920.

I guess if I revert the appropriate Windows Update the issue might go away. But how do I find the right Update? Should I just revert to the way it was in January? How do I do this concretely? And is this a good solution? Maybe there were important security patches in the Update.

Any other insight? Thanks a lot!
Counting on whether you have x86 or x64 windows installed, you can try downloading one of the enterprise driver packs from dell. They usually post multiple packs based on the windows version. ::Google dell enterprise drivers download:: Find your laptop model in the list and download the Win 7, Win 8 driver packs for your corresponding architecture. You can unzip it with 7zip. Then go to the upper right and click file, run powershell here as administrator. Then type, (no quotes), "pnputil.exe /add-driver *.inf /subdirs" , this will load all the drivers in the folders into your windows driver repository. From here reboot. After reboot go to your device manager from control panel, and right click your graphics device. Select update driver, dont auto search, select driver from available, then manually select either a newer one, or in this case an older driver and see if eith the new driver the control panel let's you choose the higher res. (You may have to reboot after selecting a diff driver.)