Windows 8 Explorer always... indexing?

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Last year I obtained a free Windows 8 laptop from my neighbor (can't complain about that!). It has worked very well for me until recent months. For whatever reason, the file explorer will randomly stop showing all folders in the side bar and (often) the main window. All I can see is little magnifying glasses spinning around "Homegroup"and "Favorites":

Not sure what is causing this. I think I might have messed up something in the registry or deep in the computer settings. Another problem showed up at the same time as this. My computer stopped showing thumbnails for images and instead started showing the associated editor's icon. Some few select images will show thumbnails, but the majority do not. I tried all the options on this page, I tried the advanced system settings, and I tried rebuilding the computer's index. At this point, I have no idea what to do...


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If you've been messing with the registry it would be hard to say what happened. I would suggest rolling back to a earlier system restore point if you have one.